Kristian K. Dabbs - Principal

Kristian K. Dabbs – Principal

Thank you for your interest in St. John’s Lutheran School where we are devoted to providing a Christ centered education within a positive learning environment. My name is Kristian Dabbs and I am the principal at St. John’s. We soar to academic excellence while sharing Christ’s love. St. John’s Lutheran School is part of the educational system of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, which hosts a network of over 2,400 elementary educational centers.

Established in 1887, St. John’s Lutheran School serves students across the Grand Prairie. Our current enrollment is 109 students in grades Kindergarten – Grade 6. We offer a variety of classes to enhance each child’s specific needs. All of our faculty are trained and fully certified to teach at the elementary and/or middle school levels.

For more information about St. John’s Lutheran School, please contact the front office.

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee – $250.00. (A late fee of $10.00 will be charged after the designated registration day in August). This fee covers the cost of books/workbooks.

Tuition for the school year is divided into ten payments. The Board has established the following monthly rates which are due on the first of each month (August–May–10 payments):

1st Child $340.00
2nd Child $315.00
3rd Child $290.00

Lunch ticket – $63.00 for 20 lunches/20 drinks
Drink ticket – $8.00 for 20 extra drinks
Field Trip Shirt – $10.00
Assignment Book – $5.00 – grades 3 thru grade 6
Faith Alive Bible – $26.00 – grade 3 and new 4-6 students
PTL fee per family – $10.00
Classroom Supply Fees: Kindergarten – $10.00; First-$12.00; Second-$12.00; Third-$20.00; Fourth – $27.00

Mandatory auto draft will occur on the first of each month for kindergarten thru grade six tuition. Auto draft only applies to monthly tuition, not the annual registration fee, lunches/drinks, extended care, etc. All outstanding charges will be automatically drafted 5 days after each semester. If you withdraw your child, you must fill out a stop auto draft form. Tuition will continue until the form has been received. Permanent records will NOT be sent until all fees have been paid. Payment schedule can be found on page 4.

Admission Policy
Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, St. John’s Lutheran School and ECE enrollment procedure will be as follows:

Closed Enrollment
St. John’s Lutheran School and ECE conducts a period of closed enrollment during the months of January and February. Closed enrollment allows for currently enrolled students to re-enroll for the upcoming school year.

Open Enrollment
Once the closed enrollment period is over, St. John’s Lutheran School and ECE will enroll new students in the following order. If a class is full, a waiting list is established. Should a vacancy occur, selection from the waiting list is made in the following order:

  1. All children whose parents are *active members of St. John’s Lutheran Church at the time of open enrollment.
  2. All children whose parents are *active members of other LCMS churches.
  3. Siblings of children currently enrolled in our school.
  4. Children whose parents are inactive members of LCMS churches or are members of other Christian denominations.
  5. Others

*As defined by St. John’s Lutheran Churchdress up fun, halloween 2017 Saint John’s Lutheran School

Enrollment procedure for all new students:

  1. A parent conference and/or tour is held with the principal. (K-6)
  2. Parents/guardians submit the enrollment application. (ECE & K-6)
  3. The student’s most recent report card and achievement test results are reviewed. (1-6)
  4. New students are strongly encouraged to visit the school during the day. (ECE & K-6)
    (Students in kindergarten through six may be given a placement test.) (K-6)
  5. Upon acceptance, parents/guardians complete required paperwork, auto draft form, birth
    certificate and immunization records are provided by the family. (ECE & K-6)

The enrollment of all children other than members of St. John’s Lutheran Church is subject to the approval of the Board of Christian Education and the application is renewable annually.

The infant program accepts infants age 6 weeks until eligible for the Toddler 1 program. The Toddler 1 students must be one year old on or before August 1. Preschool 2 students must be two years old on or before August 1, Preschool 3 students must be three years old on or before August 1, Preschool 4 students must be four years old on or before August 1, and Kindergarten students must be five years old on or before August 1.

All students must submit a copy of the birth certificate, the social security number, and a copy of the current immunizations record. Immunizations must be kept current throughout the year. St. John’s must be able to verify that the child has been immunized as required by the Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services and the child must keep current per their age within 15 days of required immunizations or the child cannot remain in care at St. John’s.



The religion curriculum taught at St. John’s Lutheran School is based on Scripture. It is not the intention of St. John’s to convert students to Lutheranism but rather to present God’s Word to all. Students are expected to fulfill all religion academic requirements regardless of their church affiliation.

St. John’s works in consultation with the Stuttgart Public Schools in areas of curriculum, school calendar, professional development, and other matters which concern the community in general.

The curriculum is set up so that it provides a thorough course of instruction as is required by the State of Arkansas. Teachers base curriculum decisions on State Standards and the Common Core Standards when applicable. Technology is integrated into the curriculum on a daily basis. All students attending St. John’s take all course subjects. Courses offered include Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Library, Art, Music, Spanish, PE, Intervention, and Enrichment. Lost/damaged books/materials will result in a fee.


St. John’s had 4 basketball teams: 3rd/4th Girl Basketball, 3rd/4th Boys Basketball, 5th/6th Girls Basketball and 5th/6th Boys
St. John’s offers an archery program for 4th-6th grades.
Run Club
Run Club is offered to student in 1st – 6th grades.

Student Life

Chapel services are held every Wednesday beginning at 8:15am. All students attend chapel each week. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to come.
The WIN (Whatever I Need) room is used for students who need Intervention and/or Enrichment. Intervention services are provided in small group and individualized settings.
Dress Code Policy K-6
The dress code policy is intended to emphasize modesty, neatness, cleanliness, and Christian values in student appearance. All final decisions are at the sole discretion of the administration of St. John’s Lutheran School.
Dress Down Friday – Students will be allowed to dress down on Fridays for $1.00. The following may be worn: athletic shorts with biker/sliding shorts underneath, yoga pants (not excessively tight), any shirt that is school appropriate (no bare shoulders or midriffs). The funds will be designated to the Technology Fund.
Dress Down Day – Students whose parents attend the PTL meetings will be allowed a dress down day the following day after the meeting. Additional dress down days may be announced. The following may be worn: athletic shorts with biker/sliding shorts underneath, yoga pants (not excessively tight), any shirt that is school appropriate (no bare shoulders or midriffs).

Shirts (any solid color)

Pants (colors: khaki, navy, or black) (no yoga pants)

Dresses (polo style- any solid color)
Socks/Leggings: Color will not be regulated. Leggings must be worn under dress code bottoms.

Shirts (any solid color)

Pants (colors: khaki, navy, or black)

Earrings are not permitted

(optional) solid black, brown, navy or khaki, no emblems or symbols, no large buckles

Parents may use discretion in outerwear selection, however, any outerwear to be worn during class must be solid in color with very small emblems, symbols, or logos.

Students may not wear clothing that is baggy, frayed, ragged, and excessively faded, too tight or has holes. Field Day, field trips, programs, and assemblies dress will be determined by staff. Parents will be notified in advance.

PTL (Parent/Teacher League)

The purpose of the PTL is to be active in furthering the welfare of the school and ECE in a positive approach, to help purchase equipment and/or supplies needed for the school and ECE, and to develop an effective program of cooperation between home and school. PTL meets every other month usually the 3rd Monday of the month. All parents are encouraged to attend and be involved in the school.