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Eagles Nest Preschool

Laura Ellis – Preschool Director


Welcome to the Eagles Nest! My name is Laura Ellis. I am the Director for the St. John’s Lutheran School ECE Center. I am in my seventh year as director. Thank you for your interest in our school. If you have an question please feel free to contact me.


Thank you for your interest in St. John’s Lutheran School ECE. Please call to put your child on our waiting list as all classes are currently full.  Call (870) 673-7096.

Times and Program Options

The ECE is a private Christian preschool.
Our facility is open 7:00am – 5:30pm Monday – Friday.
Full time spots are offered for Infants – Preschool 4.
Two (2) day Tuesday/Thursday spots and three (3) day Monday/Wednesday/Friday spots are offered for Preschool 2, 3 and 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Preschool located?

The ECE is located at 2019 South Buerkle, Stuttgart, AR 72160

What is your contact information?

Laura Ellis – Director
Brenda Meins – Secretary
Office number (870) 673-7096
School fax 870-673-1583
School email – bmeins@stjohnsluth.com

When is your Preschool in session?

We are open from 7:00am – 5:30pm Monday – Friday. We also offer a summer program.

What ages do you accept?

Arkansas DHS requirements
1:5 Infants
1:8 Toddler 1
1:8 Preschool 2
1:12 Preschool 3
1:15 Preschool 4
ECE staff ratios
1:2.5 Infants
1:3 Toddler 1
1:6 Preschool 2
1:8.5 Preschool 3
1:9.5 Preschool 4

When is the Preschool closed for breaks and holidays?

What does your program cost?

Labor Day
Thanksgiving break (Monday-Friday of Thanksgiving week)
Christmas break (Dec 21 – Jan 3)
Martin Luther King Day
Presidents Day
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Friday before Memorial Day
Memorial Day
4th of July

What ages do you accept?

Children must turn 5 by August 1 to enroll in St. John’s Kindergarten or any state Kindergarten program.
Infant Program
Monday thru Friday Weekly Fee $130.00 – Registration $100.00

Toddler 1 Program
Monday thru Friday Weekly fee $130.00 – Registration $100.00

Preschool 2
Monday thru Friday Weekly Fee $125.00 – Registration $100.00
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Weekly Fee $100.00 – Registration $85.00
Tuesday and Thursday Weekly Fee $ 75.00 – Registration $85.00

Preschool 3
Monday thru Friday Weekly Fee $125.00 – Registration $100.00
Monday, Wednesday, Friday Weekly Fee $100.00 – Registration $85.00
Tuesday and Thursday Weekly Fee $ 75.00 – Registration $ 85.00

Preschool 4
Monday thru Friday Weekly Fee $125.00 – Registration $100.00
Monday, Wednesday, Friday Weekly Fee $100.00 – Registration $ 85.00
Tuesday and Thursday Weekly Fee $ 75.00 – Registration $ 85.00

Admission Policy

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, St. John’s Lutheran School and ECE enrollment procedure will be as follows:

Closed Enrollment
St. John’s Lutheran School and ECE conducts a period of closed enrollment during the months of January and February. Closed enrollment allows for currently enrolled students to re-enroll for the upcoming school year.

Open Enrollment
Once the closed enrollment period is over, St. John’s Lutheran School and ECE will enroll new students in the following order. If a class is full, a waiting list is established. Should a vacancy occur, selection from the waiting list is made in the following order:
  1. All children whose parents are *active members of St. John’s Lutheran Church at the time of open enrollment.
  2. All children whose parents are *active members of other LCMS churches.
  3. Siblings of children currently enrolled in our school.
  4. Children whose parents are inactive members of LCMS churches or are members of other Christian denominations.
  5. Others
*As defined by St. John’s Lutheran Church

Enrollment procedure for all new students:
  1. A parent conference and/or tour is held with the principal. (K-6)
  2. Parents/guardians submit the enrollment application. (ECE & K-6)
  3. The student’s most recent report card and achievement test results are reviewed. (1-6)
  4. New students are strongly encouraged to visit the school during the day. (ECE & K-6)
    (Students in kindergarten through six may be given a placement test.) (K-6)
  5. Upon acceptance, parents/guardians complete required paperwork, auto draft form, birth
    certificate and immunization records are provided by the family. (ECE & K-6)

The enrollment of all children other than members of St. John’s Lutheran Church is subject to the approval of the Board of Christian Education and the application is renewable annually.

The infant program accepts infants age 6 weeks until eligible for the Toddler 1 program. The Toddler 1 students must be one year old on or before August 1. Preschool 2 students must be two years old on or before August 1, Preschool 3 students must be three years old on or before August 1, Preschool 4 students must be four years old on or before August 1, and Kindergarten students must be five years old on or before August 1.

All students must submit a copy of the birth certificate, the social security number, and a copy of the current immunizations record. Immunizations must be kept current throughout the year. St. John’s must be able to verify that the child has been immunized as required by the Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services and the child must keep current per their age within 15 days of required immunizations or the child cannot remain in care at St. John’s.

Summer Program

The summer program begins the Tuesday after Memorial Day. The summer program is a 9 or 10 week program (depending on the summer). Full time and part time spots are available.

Beginning the Day

For your child’s safety, we ask that preschool parents park in a parking space on the north side of the building (no parking on the street). Each child MUST be signed in daily by his/her parent or designee the walked to the classroom. Students are NOT to be left unattended by parents or designee.


Children are only dismissed to their parents or designee. Each child MUST be signed out daily by his/her parent or designee.


A variety of stimulating learning stations create the classroom environment. Stations include dramatic play, construction, puzzles and games, math, language and writing, science, art, library and listening center, as well as table-top, open-ended activities to meet children’s individual learning needs. We teach the whole child, encompassing the social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual needs. Individual and group learning allows children to experience learning in a variety of ways. Specific curriculum includes Handwriting Without Tears, Frog Street Press, and One in Christ Bible. 


Progress reports for Preschool 4 are sent home in October and March. Preschool 4 Parent-Teacher conference days are set aside each year in October and March. You will be informed well in advance of your date and time. Throughout the year, teachers are available to discuss any concerns or questions you may have concerning your child. Teachers may be contacted through the school office.


Children enjoy the outdoors on a daily basis, weather permitting. During the chilly months, children must dress appropriately with jacket, hat, and gloves. The children will not go outside if the temperature is below 35 degrees or if the wind child is below 35 degrees. And, when wearing a skirt or dress, we request girls wear shorts or bloomers. Students must wear shoes that have backs and are secured to their feet.

Change of Clothes

Each child will need to keep a change of clothes, including socks and underwear, at school. We prefer the change of clothing be kept in a backpack and sent to school on a daily basis to ensure your child has clean, seasonal clothes on-hand at all times.


Hot lunch is included in the tuition for the preschool program. You may always send a lunch from home. Students requiring a special diet must supplement according to the DHS nutrition guidelines.



Mandated Reporting

Childcare Licensing, Central Office – 501-682-8590 or 800-454-3316
Child Maltreatment Hotline – 800-482-5964


We seek to create a positive, nurturing Christian learning environment through consistently and lovingly establishing safety and order. Children are treated with dignity and respect. Teachers plan age appropriate activities and teach behavior with positive reinforcement and suitable consequences. Children are expected to follow the reasonable expectations of the teacher and practice self-control. Classroom rules are as follows:
As a child of God…
We will listen to our teachers.
We will walk in our classrooms.
We will use our quiet voices.
We will be kind to our friends.
We will clean up after ourselves.
Corporal punishment will never be used. And, by State Law, parents and/or guardians are prohibited from using any form of physical discipline while on campus

Parent Communication

For parent communication/daily sheets, the Bright Wheel app is used. This a free app for parents. Parents download this app and receive hourly updates about their child throughout the day.