02 Exodus

These are the names of the sons of Israel who went to Egypt with Jacob, each with his own family

Exodus 1:1


So begins the saga of the good times turned bad for God’s people in Egypt. So also, with this verse continues the story of God working the people whom He calls to be His own.Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

For those who know the Bible, the names of the sons of Israel are very familiar. But, whether you know the Bible or not, one thing that needs to be pointed out is that none of these guys, in and of themselves, had anything special to offer the world. When one takes a look at the people with whom the Lord dealt, it’s easy to see that they were plain old ordinary people, just like you and me. While a simple point to see and understand, it’s very important point for us to know. All too often people tend to think of “Bible people” as having extraordinary character or abilities. After all (at least we like to imagine), God wouldn’t use any but the holiest or the best, would He? Yes! He would and does! That’s one of the many wonderful things about our God and His Word! In the Bible we’re not given a bunch of supermen and women, but ordinary, everyday sinners – warts and all! Ordinary people like you and me to be used in extraordinary ways to proclaim an extraordinary message of love and forgiveness through Jesus!

Bible People vs Ordinary People

You want ordinary? Take a look at Jesus’ family tree (listed in Matthew and Luke). In it you will find many ordinary people alongside the royalty listed there. And as you read of these people in the pages of the Bible, you will see that most of them were nothing to brag about. There are liars, cheaters, murderers, prostitutes, adulterers and so on. The joy is in seeing how God used them, faults and all, to share His message with the world.

That’s the way God does things. Not with fireworks and fanfare; but quietly, through the people He calls. He doesn’t wait for us become something we can’t become. He instead takes us as we are and enables us to do those things that need to be done. The most important of which is to tell others of the love of Jesus! To tell that He has died for all, that all may live in Him now and forever; to tell that He has won the victory over death and the grave – by defeating sin and Satan through the cross and empty tomb.

These are the names…by God’s grace ours are included … to share in the history of His love as we live and tell His story!